It was bitter cold this afternoon when I got out of work and, though I was bundled up in winter clothing, I could feel a chill running through my bones.  I quickly walked to my car as I tied a scarf tightly around my neck and buried my hands deep inside my coat pockets.  I could feel my keys and cell phone, along with two smaller objects I didn’t recognize.  I stopped walking and pulled my hand out of my coat, opened my clenched fingers and saw two individually wrapped chocolates resting on my palm.  Yes!  I had grabbed a couple pieces of chocolate on the way out of the house this morning and shoved them in my pocket as a treat to eat during my break.  Clearly, I had forgotten about them.  This small discovery kept me smiling the entire car ride home, and honestly made me happy for the rest of the evening.

I was thrilled to have found chocolate that I had put in my own pocket, and I kept thinking about how adorable it would have been if a loved one had snuck them in there instead.  The idea is so cute that it makes me want to go around sticking chocolates in my friends’ coat pockets whenever they’re not looking.  It’s a good idea – feel free to use it.  Little things really do matter!

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